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Florence Robinson Award

This award recognizes outstanding achievement in the classroom and research lab by a student in the Neuroscience Minor and encourages students to consider careers related to neuroscience. It is named the Florence Robinson Neuroscience Award in honor of Professor Susan Fahrbach’s mother-in-law, an economist with a love for education who was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s Disease in 2003.


Dan Powell

The award winner for 2012 was Dan Powell with Dr. Wayne Silver, the Neuroscience Program coordinator.



The award winner for  2013 was Matt Whitmill

The award winner for

2013 was Matt Whitmill



The award winner for 2012 was Maria Binney  with Dr. Wayne Silver, the Neuroscience Program coordinator.



Awards 2011 GregErik

The award winner for 2011 was Gregory Alberto (left) Greg worked in the laboratory of Dr. Erik Johnson (right).



The award winner for 2010 was Emily Ware.





The co-award winners for 2009 were Rob Lowe (left) and Colston Edgerton (right).




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