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NEU 200/201

Neu 200 Introduction to Neuroscience Fall 2011

9:30 – 10:45 T,TH Room A303, Tribble Hall,

Texts: Neuroscience: Exploring the Brain by Bear et al. (3rd edition)

Neuroscience Book Club: Sleights of Mind: What the Neuroscience of Magic Reveals about Our Everyday Deceptions by Macknik et al.

Neu 201 Neuroscience Laboratory 6:30-9:45 PM Mon & Tues and 2:00-4:45 PM Tues

Room B01 Winston Hall; Text: Handouts

Th  Sep 1 Intro (Silver) No lab
Tu 6 Neuroanatomy  (Spence) Ch. 7 Sheep Brain Dissection
Th   Sep 8 Neurophysiology (Conner) Ch 3 (Spence, Lack)
Tu 13 Neurophysiology (Conner) Ch 4 Computer simulation
Th 15 Neurophysiology (Conner) Ch 5 (voltage clamp) Silver
Tu 20 Sensory systems (Silver) Earthworm giant axons
Th 22 Sensory systems (Silver) Ch 9 (Silver)
Tu 27 Sensation and Perception (Schirillo) Ch 10 Earthworm giant axons
Th 29 Psychopharmacology (Blumenthal) Ch 15 (Silver)
Tu Oct 4 Psychopharmacology (Blumenthal) Ch 15 Cockroach vision
Th 6 EXAM 1 (Silver)
Tu 11 Nervous System development (Fahrbach) Ch 23 Blowfly Taste
Th 13 Nervous System development (Fahrbach) Ch 23 (Silver)
Tu 18 Neural Basis of Learning (Lack) Ch 25 Learning in Aplysia
Th 20 Neural Basis of Learning (Lack) Ch 25 (Conner)
Tu 25 Neuroethics (Iltis) Learning in Aplysia
Th 27 Neurobiology of Stress (Johnson) (Conner)
Tu  Nov 1 Motivation (Pratt) Ch 16 Human EEGs I
Th 3 EXAM 2 (Blumenthal)
Tu 8 Cognitive Neuroscience (Dagenbach) Ch 21 Human Electromyograms
Tu 10 Cognitive Neuroscience (Dagenbach) Ch 21 Human EEGs I
Th 15 Neuroimaging (Jennings) (Blumenthal)
Th 17 Memory (Jennings) Ch 24 (Ashley-Ross)
Tu 22 Emotion (Waugh) Ch 18 NO LAB
Tu 29 Language (Alarcón) Ch 20 Cognitive lab
Th   Dec 1 Sleep (McCauley) Ch 19 (Dagenbach)
Tu 6 Sleep (McCauley) Ch 19 Lab Evaluation
Th 8 EXAM 3

Look at before coming to the first lab. Please bring your computer to the lab.

Readings can be found and downloaded from Sakai. Look for the specific lecture’s folder in the Resources Section. These are PDF files.


Grade Basis: Exams 32% each. Participation (Neuroscience Program Evaluation Material) 4%

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