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Wake Forest University provides a comprehensive program in neuroscience through an interdisciplinary minor.

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9:30 – 10:45 Tuesday and Thursday in Winston Hall Room 125

COORDINATOR: Katy Lack (Office: 16 Winston, Phone: 3811, e-mail: )

Readings: Found on Sakai

NEUROSCIENCE BOOK CLUB: The Aesthetic Brain: How We Evolved to Desire Beauty and Enjoy Art. by  Anjan Chatterjee. 

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Date            (Host) and Speaker           Students                          Title (Tentative)

Tu Jan                   13 Introduction
Th            15
Tu            20 Katy Lack (Host) *Sasha
Th            22 Paul Czoty *Tyler  Nonhuman primate models of substance abuse: Assessing abuse liability and medication effectiveness
Tu            27 Bill Conner  (Host) *Hope
Th            29 Bill Conner * The Bat-Moth Arms Race
Tu Feb     3 Katy Lack  (Host) *Fletcher
Th            5 Mike Nader *Alish, Janae Monkeys self-administering cocaine: What that can tellus about our brain and behavior and how that can impact policy decisions
Tu            10 Katy Lack  (Host) *Morgan
Th           12 Christos Constantinidis *Nicole Neural activity mediating working memory
Tu            17 Katy Lack  (Host) *Nikki
Th            19 Jonathan Burdette *Annie J. The complex brain
Tu            24 Katy Lack  (Host) *Mia, Miriam
Th           26 Tao Ma *Tiffani Deciphering molecular mechanisms underlying memory impairments in Alzheimers Disease
Tu Mar     3 Glenna Batson Dance and Neuroscience in Conversation
Th            5 Christina Soriano Parkinson’s disease and Dance
Tu            10 Spring
Th            12 Break
Tu            17 Katy Lack  (Host) *Mary, Rachel
Th            19 Brian McCool *Amy Alcohol and anxiety – Emerging Technologies
Tu            24 Susan Fahrbach  (Host) *Evan, Shilpa
Th            26                                      3 Jeff Weiner *Virginia Catherine The search for neurobiological substrates of addiction vulnerability and resilience
Tu            31 Wayne Silver  (Host) *Killian
Th Apr     2 Manju Bhat *Adam A STIMulating stORI about Ca++ signaling: Two neurons,two membranes, two proteins
Tu            7 Katy Lack  (Host) *Annie D., Merritt
Th            9 Melissa Masicampo *Jonathan Ethosuximide: A novel therapeutic to combat alcohol withdrawal
Tu            14 Wayne Silver  (Host) *Nanami
Th            16 Wayne Silver *Alexa Chemesthesis: The other chemical sense
Tu            21 Procera
Th            23 Procera
Tu            28 Evaluations

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