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Neuroscience Graduates


  • Creer, Rebecca Research technician at the Wake Forest University Medical School
  • Edgerton, Colston I am on the wait list at UNC Medical School and am hoping to line up some international medical volunteer opportunities for next year should I end up reapplying.
  • Horne, Jessica I will be attending Medical School next year.
  • Mulcahy, Matthew Graduate School at the Brown University Department of Phamacology
  • Stowe, Rob I will be attending the University of Louisville School of Medicine with present intentions of becoming a pediatric neurologist
  • Yeager. Alex Pharmaceutical Sales Representative — Abbott Laboratories


  • Blackburn, Daniel
  • Blackstone, Kaitlin I will be working as a research assistant at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C. I will be working in the pediatric neuropsychology department in a lab that assesses language functioning in children with epilepsy using brain imaging techniques and neuropsych testing. In the next year or two, I hope to go to graduate school to earn my PhD in Clinical Neuropsychology.
  • Cathell, Jamie I will be working as the Health Programs Intern at DIS in Copenhagen, Denmark.
  • Cheatham, Sarah I plan to take part in a NOLS (National Outdoor Leadership School) course and spend a semester in the Pacific Northwest glacier hiking, rock climbing, sailing, and canoeing.
  • Dunn, Heather
  • Edwards, Kathryn I will be attending graduate school at American University in D.C. I will be in their Behavior, Cognition, and Neuroscience PhD program.
  • Hollowell, Adrienne
  • Jackson, Chris I’ll be in medical school at Johns Hopkins next year.
  • Lyall, Amanda Technician in Mary Lou Voytko’s lab. I have been accepted to the Biomedical and Biological Sciences Program at UNC-Chapel Hill for my PhD starting next fall (2009).
  • Mehta, Atul I will take a year off to work in a research position at the University of Colorado Medical School and hopefully go to Medical School the following year.
  • Morgan, Ashley Next year I will be in Philadelphia going to graduate school at La Salle University.  It is a two-year program for a Master’s in Clinical-Counseling Psychology.  After the two years I will be a Licensed Professional Counselor, and hope to go on to get my PhD.
  • Pasquale, Amanda
  • Zerbonia, Renee I’m currently taking a year off and working while studying for the LSAT and hopefully going to law school next fall.


  • Anderson, Megan Ashley  Wake Forest Medical School
  • Bauer, Clayton Thomas Md/Ph.D. program Medical College of Virginia
  • Furst, Matthew Leland Wake Forest Medical School
  • Leigh, John Adam
  • Lynch, Meaghan Margaret Boston University School of Medicine
  • Makinson, Chris Emory University’s Neuroscience PhD program
  • McClure, Lindsay Peard I am taking a “personal year” to travel and work abroad- however I will be back after that.  I will keep you posted as to what I find myself doing- at this point it looks like medical equipment sales or genetic counseling maybe.  And down the road I really want to start a nonprofit/organization to outsource pharmaceuticals to a particular country.
  • Plumhoff, Jordan Elizabeth I will be going on to get my masters in clinical psychology at Towson University in Baltimore Maryland.
  • Reading, Erin Elizabeth Graduate school at UNC-G to obtain a masters in Speech-Language Pathology
  • Seibert, Ryan Graham applying to medical school for the Fall 2008.  I’m taking a year off to serve as an AmeriCorps member in Boulder, CO.  I will be working as a medical assistant in a community health clinic for the medically-underserved.
  • Shattuck, Avery Ann
  • Smith, Chelsey Marie University of Wisconsin Neuroscience PhD program


  • Erica Byrne I am looking to go to Physical Therapy school, however next year I will be working in a clinic/rehab center to gain clinical experience because so many of the Doctorate programs require work experience.  I want to pursue the Doctorate degree because many programs allow you to specialize (I want to specialize in neuromuscular control) and you also have a lot more autonomy once you actually start practicing.  I’ll send you more details as soon as I can about my exact job/location for next year.
  • Chris Lough
  • Erinn Nanney Graduate School of Public Health at Georgetown
  • Ashley Pollock I will be doing research with Dr. Antonio Puente, a clinical neuropsychologist in Wilmington, NC and a professor at UNCW. I will be applying to PhD programs in Clinical Neuropsychology in the fall.
  • Sean Wheeler Is currently teaching English in Korea.


  • Jonathan Adams I will be graduating this year.  I am planning on taking the MCAT in August.  Then I hope to work in the medical field for a year before attending medical school.
  • Adesola Akinkuotu
  • Anna Armstrong I’m headed to graduate school at ECU. The Interdisciplinary Doctoral Program in Biological Sciences.  but if I play my cards right, I will do research under the faculty of the med school.
  • Matthew Busick
  • Joe Franklin
  • Liz Godbold I finally figured out what I will be doing.  I am going to LSU next fall to start a PhD program in school psychology.  It’s very behavioral psych but hopefully I will get to take some bio psych courses and keep doing some neuro stuff.  I absolutely loved the neuro minor (even more than my psych major) and if it had been available as a major, I would have done it.
  • Amy Hosmer I will be graduating in May.  This summer, I am staying at Wake and taking the Summer Management Program through the Calloway School, but will begin my internship/research position at the University of Pittsburgh in July.  I will be working with Dr. Shahid Husain, in Transplant Infectious Diseases at UPMC.  Although this internship is in a different field, I still have intentions of pursuing Neurology, as I remain interested in neuromuscular disorders.  During the summer, I plan on applying to medical school, and hopefully begin in the Fall of 2006.
  • Lindsey Nowakowski
  • Jenna Schuster I will be at Northwestern next year in their NUIN (Northwestern University Institute of Neuroscience) program.
  • Dustin Smith I’ll be pursuing my MSc at the MIT Media Lab working as a Research Assistant.   Two of the research groups I will be joining are:
    • Commonsense Computing:  creating agent “mind” architectures and developing automated reasoning methods, particularly those which deal with natural language.
    • Affective Computing:  building software and machines that use brain readings (EEGs, etc) to estimate “affective” information from the user, and changing their behavior based on the user’s emotional state.
    • My neuroscience minor was certainly an influential factor in my decision to work there, and probably my admission to the program as well.  The Media Lab’s theme this decade is “Mind and Machine.”   I’d be happy to be referenced on behalf, and in support, of Wake’s Neuroscience program.
  • Tim Whitfield PhD program in  Neuroscience at the Medical University of South Carolina
  • Jackie Young This fall I will be starting graduate school at Northwestern University to get a Masters in Counseling Psychology. Thanks for everything!


  • Jeri Bryant Graduate School, PHD Program University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis
  • Caroline Raasch MD/PHD Program, Louisiana State University School of Medicine
  • Heather Lanthorn MS from Health Behavior, Health Education Program, University of Michigan, School of Public Health. Currently in Chennai (formerly Madras), India, where she is studying diabetes on a Fulbright Scholarship.  Will start on PHD at the Harvard School of Public Health, in Population and International Health in the summer of 2008.
  • Katie Davis University of Florida College of Medicine
  • E.W. Seltzer Graduate Neuroscience Program, Wake Forest University School of Medicine (Dropped out of program. Is now in Med School.)
  • T Stewart Graduate School, PHD Program in Biomolecular Pharmacology and Program in Biomedical Neuroscience, Boston University School of Medicine


  • Michael Diamond
  • Becca Lundin
  • Kate Niemiec
  • Tom Redick
  • Brooke Watson
  • Kate Jones

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