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Neuroscience at Wake Forest University

Wake Forest University provides a comprehensive program in neuroscience through an interdisciplinary minor.

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UNTRAC Students

UNTRAC students must have Sophomore or Junior classification and a minimum 3.0 GPA cumulative and within major.

Students participate in:

  • Neuroscience classes at WFU (11 hrs required for minor)
  • Neuroscience Book Club
  • one semester of research (NEU 391, 2hrs)
  • introductory workshops research and ethics

Students receive:

  • full support for WFU tuition and fees
  • a laptop computer1
  • meals at and transportation to WFU
  • full support for a GRE or MCAT class
  • full support for books for WFU classes
  • one fully-paid trip to the annual Society for Neuroscience meeting2
  • a graduate student mentor from the WFU Graduate Neuroscience Program
  • a certificate from WFU upon the successful completion of the program

1 Students may keep the laptop upon the successful completion of the program.

2 In the second year of the program.

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