5 year Neuroscience Master’s Program

This new five-year dual degree program jointly sponsored by the Wake Forest University College of Arts and Sciences and the Graduate School of Arts and Science offers Wake Forest University undergraduates pursuing a B.S. or B.A. degree in Wake Forest College of Arts and Sciences with a minor in Neuroscience the opportunity to earn a research-oriented M.S. degree with concentration in Neuroscience with one additional year of study. The program builds on the existing Neuroscience Minor and utilizes existing course and research opportunities associated with the Graduate School’s Neuroscience Program.

Wake Forest students will typically apply for admission in the dual degree program during either the spring semester of sophomore year. The choice of undergraduate major is open. Students must have an overall GPA of 3.25 or better to be considered for admission to the dual degree program.  At the time of admission to the joint program, students will also declare the Neuroscience Minor.  We envision an intense program, and early application and admission will be essential to insure adequate time to pursue M.S. thesis research.  Individuals who wish to apply for the program at a later time point must secure a recommendation from the Coordinator of the Neuroscience minor prior to submitting their application and must demonstrate the ability to complete the requirements of the program within five years. These applications will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. It is recommended that the student identify a faculty member willing to serve as his/her research mentor at the time of application, although this is not a requirement.  Applicants are not required to submit GRE scores.

For the application, please click here.

The following Graduate Faculty have agreed to be advisers for the five-year dual degree program in Neuroscience. Other advisers will be added in the future.

Osvaldo Delbono              Internal Medicine

Chris Whitlow                   Radiology

Dwayne Godwin               Neurobiology/Anatomy

Carol Milligan                   Neurobiology/Anatomy

Brian McCool                    Physiology & Pharmacology

Sara Jones                          Physiology & Pharmacology

Jeff Weiner                        Physiology & Pharmacology

Carol Shively                    Pathology/Comparative Medicine, Psychology

Tao Ma                               Internal Med-Gerontology

Christopher Peters          Anesthesiology

Terry Blumenthal            Psychology

Susan Fahrbach                Biology