NEU 391-394 Research Requirements

NEU 391-394 (POI) – Neuroscience Research: Semester long research courses designed to give students hands-on experience in a neuroscience laboratory.

It is the students’ job to secure a research position with a Neuroscience faculty member either on the Reynolda Campus or on the Medical school campus. Projects done at the Medical School must be approved by Dr. Lack or Dr. Silver in order to receive a POI for the course.

Requirements of the course:
1. Students will write a 1-2 page summary of the research project they will be doing during the semester. This is an informal paper and will be sent to Dr. Lack by the 3rd week of the semester.

2. Students will spend a minimum of 6-8 hours per week, every week, working on the project. If the student is not able to devote these hours to the project they should not sign up for this course.

3. At the end of the semester students will write a 3-4 page paper of their research project. This paper should be in the form of a manuscript (introduction, materials and methods, results and conclusion with references). This paper will be sent to Dr. Lack and is due during the week of finals.
The grade for this course will be determined by completion of the stated requirements and will be strongly influenced by the evaluation of the student by the research professor.